27 Coffee & Cards

Inspired by the fabulous achievement of Mr Eddie Izzard, running 27 marathons in 27 days to raise money for charity, Phoenix Trader, Anne-Marie, decided to set herself a challenge. However, she herself admits there would be ‘no running, no lycra, and a lot less sweating involved’ in her challenge!

Anne-Marie explained, “But I loved the focus of 27 ‘somethings’ and Coffee & Cards seemed a fantastic idea! Can I make 27 fundraising events happen before the end of 2016? That’s what I have set out to do. It has given me a real focus in my business and made me ask, ask, and ask everybody I meet to be involved. I love my Phoenix business  and I particularly love the good we can do with it. And it is certainly true that, as Traders, we may feel more comfortable asking for Coffee & Cards if we raise money for good causes at the same time. In the words of Mr Izzard, ‘If we choose it, we can do good and positive things’. (He also said, ‘I’m a determined twit’ – we have a lot in common!)”

Setting a goal is an excellent way to focus any fundraising campaign. Whether it is a commitment to undertake a number of events, and/or to raise a particular amount from an individual event, goals make you get out there and get on with it. You just need to ask.

Anne-Marie says, modestly, “If Eddie can push himself to the limit, then surely I have to give it a go in my own small way.” So here’s to Anne-Marie and her ‘27’!