Butterfly and Bug Colour-ins
Here are some lovely Colour-ins, very kindly donated by some of our artists, which should keep the little ones amused! Selling them at your Butterfly Tea Party will help raise additional funds.

Garden Bugs' Colour-in by Julia Rigby

Butterfly Tea Party' Colour-in by Helen Smith

Wasps Tea Party' Colour-in by Helen Smith

Buzzy Bees’ Colour-in by Claire Henley

'Butterfly' Colour-in by June Armstrong

'Bug Hunt' Colour-in by Wendy Atkinson

'Bugs and Butterfllies' Colour-in by Julie Clay

'Butterflies and Daisies' Colour-in by Alison Vickery

'Dragonflies' Colour-in by Kate Clarke

'Four Butterflies' Colour-in by Wendy Atkinson

'How Many Butterflies?' Colour-in by Emily Johnston

'Pretty Flutterbies' Colour-in by Kate Clarke

Who can you find in the garden - Camilla Charnock

Butterflies and Friends - Kate Gunn

Butterfly Catcher - Kate Gunn

Nine Little Butterflies - Kate Gunn

Butterfly Garden-Heidi Schwabe

Butterfly Cupcake-Heidi Schwabe