Top Tips for your Butterfly Tea Party
And the winning 20 Top Tips for the Gizzi Erkine cook book competition are...
Last year, I approached two supermarkets in my town and asked if they would donate cakes, they both said yes and I got £20 vouchers from the Co-op and about £30 worth of cakes from Somerfield.
Tess Brooker
Write a short letter to your local supermarket asking them to donate some Strawberries and Cream to then sell or serve with homemade scones at your tea party.
Diane Clayton
At your event supply a "goodie bag" to each and every adult that arrives. I ask for a donation (£1.50) on the door and in exchange they receive their free goodie bag.

In the run up to the event I contact local businesses and other direct selling companies and ask them if they would like to advertise in our "goodie bag". I ask for a £5 advertising fee and ask people to supply the literature and free gifts. Inside the Phoenix plastic carrier bag is a loaded brochure and everybody else's advertising inc. free gifts (this year I have a free card, Virgin Vie pen, Jamie At Home spices, cupcake, lolly, colouring pencils, bouncy ball and more!). It costs me nothing but the loaded brochure and bag, and raises the charity extra funds.

This year, I have 20 businesses advertising that will load 100 goodie bags! If they all go, that is a potential £250 extra towards the £150,000 for handing out a brochure! If we all did this we would flutter past our target easily!
Charlotte Clemons
Using a sheet of Snakes and Ladders gift wrap 'sell off' each of the 100 squares to friends, family and customers for £1 each. When all squares have been sold, roll a dice and whatever square it lands on, that person wins a £25 gift voucher/credit to spend on Phoenix Trading products. Offer a 2nd prize of £10 and a 3rd prize of £5. The remaining £60 goes to Children's Hospices UK.
Natalie Collinson
Butterfly Orienteering: You will need:

  • To think of a 10 letter word
  • 10 AL69 Blue Butterfly samples labelled with numbers 1-10 (or ten pictures for    younger children)
  • 10 wooden food skewers
  • Pieces of paper with numbers one to ten on them

1) Write the numbers 1-10 on the back of the butterfly samples and one letter from your word (or a simple picture/shape).
2) Attach a skewer to the blue butterfly card with sellotape.
3) Hide the butterflies around your garden/park/venue by inserting skewers into the ground (you can make it as easy or hard as you like depending on the ages/abilities of the children).
4) Children have to search out the butterflies and write the letter on their piece of paper, they should end up with a word to claim their prize (A cupcake? Colouring sheet? Or choice of bookmark?). This should keep the children entertained while the adults have a cup of tea and look through all the lovely Phoenix products.
Susan Hathaway
My 'Top Tip' is to ask guests to pay to play 'guess the wine' as an alternative to a raffle. I used this at all my butterfly events last year and they were hugely popular! This year, one host has already offered to provide the wine for guess the wine! Wrap a bottle of wine in some beautiful butterfly wrap (GW50) and on a clipboard ask your guests to guess:

1) The colour of the wine (red/white/rose)
2) The country it's from (I usually try and pick somewhere unusual)
3) The name of the wine
4) The year it was produced

There are so many variations that guests can have and as many goes as they like. You can charge either 50p or £1.00 per guess. The winner with the most correct answers wins the wine! If there isn't a clear winner, I have taken it to a second event and kept going until I have a winner!

Remember to write the details down yourself before you wrap it, and keep it somewhere safe!
Annie Hillman
Take the butterfly notepad and on the reverse of each page write one of the following:

Sorry you have not won this time;
Congratulations you have won a butterfly notepad;
Congratulations you have won a greeting card;
Congratulations you have won 10% off your order;
Host a party and receive 25% off your order plus a pack of thank you cards etc.

Stick the butterfly note pages over a notice board or on a wall and charge people 50p to select a butterfly. The proceeds go to the charity. Not only that, but you may get future party bookings from the last suggestion!
Emma Howell
I have a good idea for use of the colour-ins! I am going to sell them at £1.50 each as placemats. I will have a small table and colouring equipment set up and once children have coloured them in, I am going to laminate them so they can take them away and use them as placemats. They'll be great keepsakes and I will hopefully raise more money for the charity too!
Natalie Howlett
I am going to sell a selection of butterfly cupcakes, but with the added bonus, that one of them has a butterfly sticker on the bottom of the paper cupcake case. The person who selects the one with the sticker wins a selection of butterfly cards that I have donated. This way I can also charge £1 per cupcake rather than the usual 20p. This will raise far more money for the charity.
Sarah Hutton
I have contacted the local Brownies to see if they would be willing to help me run a tea party for the children in the area. This allows them to gain a badge from the Brownies and they can spread the word, encouraging all their friends and families to come along. I will have extra hands to help me on the day and everyone wins, especially the charity! The Brownies have come up with many great ideas for fundraising. We are all looking forward to a great day!
Carolyn Matthews
Make your invitations a raffle ticket for all those that attend. Charge £1 per entry and ask your local businesses to support you by providing the raffle prizes. So far I have a bunch of flowers, a cut and blow dry, gift vouchers, chocolates, a gardener for a day and a round of golf! Easy to organise and a great incentive for your guests to come to the party!
Sarah McArthur
Having had a small party last year, I wasn't convinced everyone donated for all the little craft activities that were on offer. So this year, I've moved location from home to the village church hall and I have decided to sell tickets at £5 per family and include all the craft activities. This way, I will get more of an idea of how many people to expect on the day, and more importantly, get the money in advance. I'm aiming for at least 100 ticket sales. To encourage sales I'm planning on giving away a free goodie bag with every advanced ticket purchased. Bags will include a couple of the colouring sheets, some Phoenix goodies (that I will donate) and a packet of flower seeds (hopefully donated by a local garden centre). I thought it would be nice for everyone that comes along to plant the seeds in their gardens to encourage the butterflies to come.
Rachel Partovi
I decided to go for it and hire the local community centre coffee lounge for my Butterfly Tea Party. On the advice of the caretaker I asked the Management Committee of the hall if they would waive the fee and they did! An extra £15 donation for Children's Hospices UK. Don't be afraid to ask!
Catriona Peden
Draw a huge butterfly out of card and ask everyone to arrange their loose change on it. Children will enjoy seeing the butterfly sparkle with coins and everyone will want to stick their loose change on it! Also, when your guests pay for their cards and gift wrap, be sure to give them plenty of loose change!
Linda Pink
Ask your local businesses i.e. dry cleaners, restaurants, cafes, bakers, hairdressers etc. to donate a gift for a raffle prize. Then type up a list of raffle prizes along with a raffle ticket book and visit your local Doctors, library, banks, estate agents etc. to see if they would like a chance to win. Don't forget to send a list out with all your Butterfly Tea Party invites too! You could also ask the local businesses to sell the tickets on your behalf by displaying a sign with your raffle details. This is a great way to raise even more funds and a good way of letting people know you're a Phoenix Trader!
Kari Reeve
Draw a grid on a sheet of Treasure Map gift wrap with about 20 squares and 'sell' the squares to those who want to guess where the treasure is hidden. Have a small prize for the winner of the correct square, this can either be predetermined before the squares are sold or drawn from a hat at the end.
Penny Reynolds
The 'Chain of Hope' is an idea where your customers buy one or more butterfly paper chain links and write their name and telephone number on the back. Suggested price for each link would be 50p or a £1. They then add their link to the paper chain and watch it grow in decoration to the room. At the end of the event one of the guests or host breaks the chain at a random link, revealing the winner. The prize could be a fixed amount of money with all remaining proceeds going to Children's Hospices UK.
Clare Rush
Have a Butterfly Treasure Hunt. Charge £1 a child and have 10 butterflies hidden around a park/large garden/walk. Give the children clues of where to find them and a letter at each clue to spell a word (choose the word depending on how many clues you want!). Give each child a butterfly to colour in at the end.
Julia Tribbeck
Make a giant butterfly shape and decorate with stick on dots/decorations. Under each dot/decoration could be a small consolation prize with one dot/decoration hiding a bigger prize. Sell the dots/decorations at your tea party for at least £1 each (maybe donating the Bestseller Fundraising Pack or if lucky enough to win Gizzi's Cookbook) and increase the cost of entry. If every person on your contact list bought a square/dot you could raise a lot of money! I will be doing this at my party and plan on offering an OB2 as a prize.

It generates interest and keeps the butterfly theme running!
Rebecca Wilding
To increase your Phoenix exposure, fundraising efforts and fun on the day, hold a special raffle. The raffle prize is to win 'Your Own Butterfly Afternoon Tea Party' which includes a Phoenix Trader with products and display, 24 cupcakes, 12 scones, tea and coffee, 50 butterfly invitations and a selection of fabulous posters for your event. The winner just adds their own guests and opens their home/provides a venue!
Anne Wilson