Top Tips for your Butterfly Tea Party

Last year, I approached two supermarkets in my town and asked if they would donate cakes, they both said yes and I got £20 vouchers from the Co-op and about £30 worth of cakes from Somerfield.
Tess Brooker

Write a short letter to your local supermarket asking them to donate some Strawberries and Cream to then sell or serve with homemade scones at your tea party.
Diane Clayton

I have a good idea for use of the colour-ins! I am going to sell them at £1.50 each as placemats. I will have a small table and colouring equipment set up and once children have coloured them in, I am going to laminate them so they can take them away and use them as placemats. They'll be great keepsakes and I will hopefully raise more money for the charity too!
Natalie Howlett

At your event supply a "goodie bag" to each and every adult that arrives. I ask for a donation (£1.50) on the door and in exchange they receive their free goodie bag.

In the run up to the event I contact local businesses and other direct selling companies and ask them if they would like to advertise in our "goodie bag". I ask for a £5 advertising fee and ask people to supply the literature and free gifts. Inside the Phoenix plastic carrier bag is a loaded brochure and everybody else's advertising inc. free gifts (this year I have a free card, Virgin Vie pen, Jamie At Home spices, cupcake, lolly, colouring pencils, bouncy ball and more!). It costs me nothing but the loaded brochure and bag, and raises the charity extra funds.

This year, I have 20 businesses advertising that will load 100 goodie bags! If they all go, that is a potential £250 extra towards the £150,000 for handing out a brochure! If we all did this we would flutter past our target easily! Charlotte Clemons
Charlotte Clemons

I am going to sell a selection of butterfly cupcakes, but with the added bonus, that one of them has a butterfly sticker on the bottom of the paper cupcake case. The person who selects the one with the sticker wins a selection of butterfly cards that I have donated. This way I can also charge £1 per cupcake rather than the usual 20p. This will raise far more money for the charity.
Sarah Hutton

Make your invitations a raffle ticket for all those that attend. Charge £1 per entry and ask your local businesses to support you by providing the raffle prizes. So far I have a bunch of flowers, a cut and blow dry, gift vouchers, chocolates, a gardener for a day and a round of golf! Easy to organise and a great incentive for your guests to come to the party!
Sarah McArthur