About Us

The Phoenix International Charity is dedicated to providing financial assistance to a broad portfolio of charities within the territories in which they operate. Launched in 2008 as an independent charitable initiative, The Phoenix International Charity acts as an umbrella organisation, bringing together the money raised through fundraising initiative by Phoenix Trading (The Company)  and Phoenix Traders (Independent Distributors).

Phoenix Trading is the world’s number one direct-selling greeting card company with operations in the United Kingdom, France, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to cards, Phoenix also produces a range of gift wrap, accessories, postcards and stationery which are sold to the public exclusively through its network of more than 8,000 Traders.

As a company, Phoenix Trading is passionately committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates. The Company has a long history of charitable giving, having donated £1.8 million to good causes and more than £572,000, raised through the sale of charity Christmas cards, to cancer research as well as other national and international smaller charities.

In addition to the corporate donations made by the Company, Phoenix Traders hold their own individual fundraising activities throughout the year to help support charities and other good causes. Their outstanding efforts are estimated to be more than a match for the money that’s raised at a corporate level each year.

The Worldwide total amount of fundraising, as displayed on the Home Page, includes funds donated by Phoenix Trading prior to the launch of The Phoenix International Charity in 2008. It also includes the fundraising activities of its Traders as recorded on the Justgiving.com website. This magnificent total represents the combined efforts of Phoenix Trading, and thousands of Traders and their customers, artists and staff.

dedicated to providing financial assistance to a broad portfolio of charities from around the world