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Our Traders

Evelyn Jetten - Executive Trader from Western Australia

I have been a Phoenix Trader since the Company first launched in Australia back in 2006. I regularly host fundraising events to support a wide range of charities and local community groups.

Some fundraising events simply involve helping schools, & rotary clubs with fundraising through the catalogue or Christmas supplement. However most of my fundraising is done through Coffee & Cards or Tabletop events, where I donate10-15% of my total sales.

In 2010 I was lucky enough to be able to help fundraise for the McGrath Foundation through Phoenix Trading.  This was done by asking family, friends & customers to host Butterfly Tea Parties.  Butterfly Tea Parties are “Coffee & Cards” with a difference, everything in pink, games played, & money raised for a great cause. My initial target was to raise $400 but with the support of my Phoenix customers I raised over $1908. Customers gave gold coin donations (& more) to attend the BTP & gold coins for guessing games.   Extra funds were raised from the sale of the special card Phoenix produced, & I donated a percentage of my commission.

One of the great things about our fundraising for the McGrath Foundation through Butterfly Tea Parties was through the support of head office, other Aussie Phoenix Traders & our customers, is that we raised over $137,308 collectively for the support of women with Breast Cancer.

This year I am looking  forward to raising even more funds for such worthy causes. It’s great to be able to give something back to the community or group you are helping and to see the smile on their faces when you give them the proceeds.

Jasmine Filmer - Executive Trader from Victoria

I signed up to be a Phoenix Trader on the day of the first Meeting in Melbourne, Victoria back in March 2006. My first Phoenix fundraising event was in May 2006 where I hosted a morning tea at my home as part of the World’s Biggest Morning Tea. Since then I have raised money for a variety of organisations and community groups, including local Fire Brigades, Primary Schools, Secondary Colleges, Kindergartens, a Country Womens Association group and a ladies community weight loss support group! The opportunity to support my local community through selling our gorgeous products is a wonderfully rewarding experience, and I am very proud to have raised just over $4,000 during my four years in the business.

My fundraising highlights have been the “Blue Butterfly” card in 2009 where I was able to contribute $600 towards the $42,000 that was raised for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. And the stunning “Butterfly Cupcakes” card in 2010 resulted in me raising a massive $2,260 towards the $135,000 that was raised for the McGrath Foundation.

Thank you Phoenix Trading for bringing so many smiles to the faces of my customers who have purchased these beautiful cards, knowing that they are supporting such fabulous causes. It’s fantastic to be involved in a company that takes pride in the fact that they can make a difference through these sorts of initiatives!

Mamie McLean - Fundraising with Phoenix Trading

One of the nicest and most rewarding aspects of being a Phoenix Trader has been the ability to “give back” to the community. Over the years, I have donated thousands of dollars to various organisations including the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Cancer Council New South Wales, the Heart Foundation, the McGrath Foundation, The Smith Family, the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, Room to Read and various appeals for natural disasters, sporting clubs, churches, schools and preschools.

By focusing attention on helping a worthy cause, it is possible to gather larger groups of people who are all willing to help.  The events can be a coffee and cards at someone’s home or workplace, a mail out with a specific focus, or a bigger event with other vendors to make a mini market day.  Once I organised a card display at a workplace along with a communal cake stall in an office block – this raised over $600 for the McGrath Foundation. You can be as creative as you like!

At charity events, I like to give generously and make them a fun but meaningful occasion. This in turn exposes the Phoenix product range and business to many new people who can be served as long term customers, hosts and even Traders. Many of whom may invite you to support their cause in the future. It is a win-win situation and so wonderful to be able to make a difference to others!

Debbie Quinn - Fundraising with Phoenix Trading

I have been a Phoenix Trader since January 2010, and have always enjoyed doing fundraising events. So following on from the announcement about the Butterfly Tea Party initiative in July 2010, “I dreamed a dream” of having one huge morning tea. I sought out the assistance of my upline (Petrae Massoud), and then focused on an old friend, who is a breast cancer survivor, a working mid wife and is trained as a breast care nurse in the local community. She was definitely EXCITED to help out with the function – including speaking of her own experiences and recruiting the help of other people affected by the illness.

Our Phoenix display looked great with a Christmas preview and we gave everyone a brochure inside their “Showbag”, which featured items and discounts donated from Mt Eliza and Mornington local businesses.
At the end of the day over 120 people attended and we had raised close to $4500 for the McGrath Foundation. I felt overjoyed that it had been SUCH a success and was delighted that everyone wanted us to do it again next year!

So thank you Phoenix for giving us the opportunity to raise funds for a worthy charity in 2011! It was well worth the effort!