The Phoenix International Charity is a company limited by guarantee and is registered with the UK Charity Commission (registration number 1124224), a regulatory organisation which provides advice to approximately 24,000 charities each year.

Its charitable objectives are registered as being to promote such purposes that are deemed to be exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales in such parts of the United Kingdom and the world as the trustees from time to time determine, including but not by way of limitation, the support of charities such as Cancer Research UK and children’s charities.

Under the Charity Commission’s regulations, The Phoenix International Charity is bound to operate in accordance with governing document, Memorandum and Articles of Association Incorporated 23 May 2008. To access a copy of this document, or for further information on The Phoenix International Charity’s membership of the Charity Commission, visit:

The Phoenix International Charity is regulated by the Charities Commission