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Trader Focus

Lita Summerfield & Colin Hatton

In 2010, Phoenix Traders embraced the Butterfly Tea Party fundraiser in support of hospices throughout New Zealand.

As so many people have had their lives touched in some way by a relative or friend needing Hospice services, it is a very popular cause that is always in need of donations. 

We decided to give this month long project a go and set a goal to personally donate $500.

We asked the retirement villages whom we visit during the year to hold a special fundraising morning for us. One of them held a ‘Butterfly Cupcake Tea Party’ for all the residents. They charged a gold coin entry and raised $200 before we made our first sale!!

We also booked ‘Coffee and Cards’ events, and at these, held a raffle for an Organizer Box of their choice, and sold copies of the artists’ colouring–in sheets.

It was certainly an exciting month, and we had the thrill beating our target and giving Hospice NZ a donation of $1,000.

Butterfly Tea Party 2011??  Bring it on!!

Ruth Humphreys

I have greatly enjoyed participating in a wide variety of fundraising activities since I became a Phoenix Trader in 2007. I am really enthusiastic about fundraising for a number of reasons but most importantly because I am able to provide a positive “win-win-win” experience for everyone involved.

Firstly, I get to financially support a worthy cause of my own choosing. That group or organisation “wins” from the financial support that I am able to generate for them. Secondly, from a business perspective, I am able to share the gorgeous Phoenix products with a whole new group of people that I otherwise probably wouldn’t get to meet. So for me, fundraising really is a low cost, effective way of marketing the fabulous Phoenix Trading stationery range. The third “win” comes to those wonderful people who support the Phoenix-based fundraising activity. They then have the pleasure of using and sharing the unique, high quality Phoenix products with people who are important in their lives. The core benefit of the Phoenix stationery range is actually that it helps to keep people connected in a truly meaningful and personal way.

I regard fundraising activities as the ‘icing on the cake’ in my work as a Phoenix Trader. I get immense personal satisfaction from helping to raise money for community groups. I also greatly enjoy meeting new and interesting people as I do so, a number of whom have become firm friends.

There is great flexibility in how we are able to organise fundraising events. These include selling from samples or stock baskets, selling from brochures or through market stalls, or selling at informal in-home demonstrations. As Traders, we are very well supported by the Phoenix Trading company which provides great fundraising ideas and ready-to-use advertising material. Phoenix really does strive to put the “fun” back into fundraising.