Trader Nominated Charities

Trader Nominated Charities 2016

Each year, The Phoenix International Charity asks Phoenix Traders to nominate causes close to their hearts that they would like be the beneficiaries of a donation from funds raised through the sale of Phoenix Trading’s Christmas cards. Traders themselves also actively support these good causes through their own selling activities.

The following 204 charities were nominated by our Traders and will each receive a donation from The Phoenix International Charity ranging from £50 to £1,000, based on 70% of the funds raised through Christmas card sales in 2016. The Trustees will decide the sum each charity will receive once the total amount raised is known. The remaining 30% of funds raised will be split equally between Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and Together for Short Lives.

Would you like to have your charity nominated as a potential beneficiary of Christmas card sales in 2017? Please get in touch with your Phoenix Trader or, if you don’t already know a Phoenix Trader, please contact us  or email us at .

Charities that will benefit from 2016 Christmas card sales

1st Aylesbury Guides (Reg No 306016)
1st Netley Marsh Brownies (Reg No 306016)
2nd Narberth Brownies (Reg No 306016)
3rd Slough Guides (Reg No 306016)
4Louis (Reg No 1137843)
5th New Forest North (Testwood) Scout Group (Reg No 302291)
Abbey Centre Pre-School (Reg No 1035356)
Action for ME (Reg No 1036419)
Action Medical Research (Reg No 208701)
Age UK Faversham (Reg No 1152234)
Alzheimer’s Society (Reg No 296645)
Amy and Friends (Reg No 1119746)
Anna’s Challenges 1146850
Archways Treatment Centre (Reg No 1054527)
Ashgate Hospice (Reg No 700636)
Barons Court Project (Reg No 296034)
Be Child Cancer Aware (The beads of Courage Addenbrookes) (Reg No 1141987)
Beckington School PTA (Reg No 1124071)
Bethany’s Smile (Reg No 1145131)
Bipolar UK (Reg No 293340)
Birmingham Childrens Hospital Charity (Reg No 1160875)
Bloodwise (Reg No 216032)
Blue Skye Thinking (Reg No 1158021)
Blyth Pre-school (Reg No 1100023)
Bowel Cancer UK (Reg No 1071038)
Brain Tumour Research (Reg No 1153487)
Brant Broughton Pre-School (Reg No 1037586)
Breast Cancer Care (Reg No 1017658)
British Heart Foundation (Reg No 225971)
BTRS – brain tumour research and support across yorkshire (Reg No 1095931)
Bucket List Wishes (Reg No 1165082)
Buckingham YC2 (Reg No 1106745)
Busy Kids @ Bromham (Reg No 1023829)
Cancer Research UK (Reg No 1089464)
Cardiomyopathy UK (Reg No 1164263)
Catching Lives (Reg No 1014868)
Chics (Reg No 1003134)
Children North East (Reg No 222041)
Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (Reg No 286669)
Chris Lucas Trust (Reg No 1085775)
CJD Support Network (Reg No 1097173)
CLOWNS (Reg No 1104952)
Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group (CICS) (Reg No 1097619)
Coeliac UK (Reg No 1048167)
Connect (Reg No 1081740)
Cranborne Middle School PTFA (Reg No 1005729)
Cruse Bereavement Care Hertfordshire (Reg No 208078)
Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Reg No 1079049)
DAISI (Reg No 1071762)
Demelza Hospice Care for Children (Reg No 1039651)
Dementia UK (Reg No 1039404)
Devizes Opportunity Centre (Reg No 1011774)
Dorothy House Hospice (Reg No 275745)
Dorothy House Hospice Care (Reg No 275745)
Dreamdrops ~ Huntingdon Children’s Charity ~ Special Care Baby Unit (Reg No 1108920)

DRUM (Disability Recreation Unity Movement) (Reg No 1044836)
Dyslexia Action (Reg No 268502)
East Anglian Air Ambulance (Reg No 1083876)
East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service (Reg No 1092643)
Eden Valley Hospice (Reg No 1008796)
Eldwick School Association (Reg No 1164071)
Elsie Normington Foundation (Reg No SC044029)
Emily’s Star (Reg No 1152520)
Enrych (Reg No 1119954)
Epilepsy Action (Reg No 234343)
Epson Riding for the Disabled Association (Reg No 1073638)
Family Friends in Windsor & Maidenhead (Reg No 1141145)
Farleigh Hospice (Reg No 284670)
Farnsfield Pre-School (Reg No 1022276)
Felixstowe Opportunity Group (Reg No 1004101)
Fight Bladder Cancer (Reg No 1157763)
Fight for Sight (Reg No 1111438)
First Step (Reg No 1106002)
Friends of Bridgemead (Reg No 299400)
Friends of Byron (Reg No 1026487)
Friends of CHUMS (Reg No 1114896)
Friends of Kingsdown Play Park (Reg No 1165780)
Friends of Oakley School (Reg No 1074724)
Funding Neuro (Reg No sc042061)
Funds for Fun at Ivy House School (Reg No 519113)
Girlguiding UK – 1st Hemingbrough Rainbows (Reg No 306016)
Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity (Reg No 1160024)
Guide Dogs for the Blind (Reg No 209617)
Havering Samaritans (Reg No 234992)
Headway Oxfordshire (Reg No 115 6538)
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People 293358
Hebrides Alpha Project (Reg No SCO37559)
Heddington Preschool (Reg No 1156048)
Helen’s Trust (Reg No 1142370)
Help for Heroes (Reg No 1120920)
Hft rowde (Reg No 313069)
Highland Hospice (Reg No SC011227)
Hope4Mae (Reg No 1149254)
Hughes Syndrome Foundation (Reg No 1138116)
Huntington’s Disease Association (Reg No 296453)
Invest in ME (Reg No 1114035)
James Hopkins Trust (Reg No 1000870)
JDRF (Reg No 295716)
JDRF UK (Reg No 295716)
Karen Morris Memorial Trust (Reg No 1141727)
Kendal Mountain Rescue Team (Reg No 1125680)
Kennedy’s Disease – UK (Reg No 1160793)
Kent MS Therapy Centre (Reg No 801382)
Kidney Research Uk (Reg No 252892)
Kingsdown Pre-school (Reg No 285737)
Krissy & Friends Foundation (Reg No 1164369)
LATCH (Reg No 1100949)
Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled (Reg No 1015540)
Little Bears Pre-School (Reg No 1032470)
Little Hearts Matter (Reg No 1123290)
Little Princess Trust (Reg No 1113172)
Liverpool College PTA (Reg No 1155402)
Lochalsh Junior Pipe Band (Reg No SC039538)
Lochgreen Playgroup (Reg No SC008570)
Lupus UK (Reg No 1051610)
Lymphoma Research Trust (Reg No 263424)
MacMillan Nurses (Reg No 261017)
Maggie’s Newcastle (Reg No SC024414)
Marlow Opportunity Playgroup (Reg No 1108650)
Melbourne Community Care (Reg No 516064)
Merton Voluntary Association For The Blind (Reg No 1075388)
Multiple Sclerosis Society (Reg No 1139257)
Murrayburn Childminding Group (Reg No SCO44232)
Music in Hospitals Scotland 1051659  SC038864
National Children’s Choir of Great Britain (Reg No 1093292)
Net Patient Foundation (Reg No 1092386)
Neuro Drop In (Reg No 1142148)
N-Gage (Reg No 1117843)
Oesophagoose (Reg No 502473)
Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation (Reg No 1152733)
PACT 285214

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (Reg No 1103253)
Parkinson’s UK (Reg No 258197)
Paul Sartori Foundation (Reg No 513079)
Pictor Staff and Family Association (PSFA) (Reg No 1081456)
Plymtree Pre-school (Reg No 1029330)
PORT (Psuedo Obstruction research trust) (Reg No 1114217)
Prospect Hospice (Reg No 1494909)
RAFA (Royal Air Force Association) (Reg No 226686)
RDA Bank Farm (Reg No 1140260)
Red Robin Trust (Reg No 1160186)
Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse (Reg No 1120244)
Refugee and Migrant Network Sutton (Reg No 1150500)
Rennie Grove Hospice Care (Reg No 1140386)
Riding for the Disabled Nottinghamshire Group (RDA) (Reg No  1001924)
Ronald McDonald House Oxford (Reg No 802047)
Rowde and Polshot Rainbows (Reg No 1028202)
Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) (Reg No 209603)
Rufforth Pre-School (Reg No 1019531)
Scoo-b-doo (Reg No 286167)
Shrewsbury Choral Society (Reg No 501644)
Skin Cancer Research Fund (Reg No 284582)
SOLO Life Opportunities (Reg No 1102297)
South Bucks Riding for the Disabled Association (Reg No 1136630)
Southampton Twins and Supertwins (Reg No 1120775)
Spectrum WASP (Reg No 1146664)
Spinal Injuries Association 1054097
SportsAble (Reg No 1078742)
St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice (Reg No 1053814)
St Clare Hospice (Reg No 1063631)
St George’s Kidney Patient Association (Reg No 1021655)
St Peter & St James Hospice (Reg No 1056114)
St Peter’s Hospice (Reg No 269177)
St Richard’s Hospice (Reg No 515668)
Stanley Grange Community Association (Reg No 1157872)
Starlight Children’s Foundation (Reg No 296058)
Stoke Youth Musical Theatre Company 1144349
SUDEP Action (Reg No 1050459)
Sunshine Playgroup (Reg No 1036703)
Swannington Heritage Trust (Reg No 515809)
Talkthru (Reg No 1122488)
The Angelman Syndrome Support, Education and Research Trust (Reg No 1021882)
The Brain Tumour Charity (Reg No 1150054)
The Buddy Bag Foundation (Reg No 1164916)
The Clubhouse Project (Reg No 1145570)
The Daisy Garland (Reg No 1106530)
The Devizes Opportunity Centre (Reg No 1011774)
The Ear Foundation (TEF) (Reg No 1068077)
The Elizabeth Foundation (Reg No 293835)
The Emily Harris Foundation (Reg No 1127191)
The Friends of Berkswell Windmill (Reg No 1120159)
The Friends of St Peter’s (FOSP) (Reg No 295721)
The James Skillington Trust 216032
The Little Owls Preschool (Reg No 292726)
The Live Love Laugh Foundation (Reg No 1164916)
The Merlin MS Centre (Reg No 1093691)
The Neuro Foundation (Reg No 1078790 and SC045051)
The Pepper Foundation (Reg No 1056823)
The Puzzle Centre (Reg No 1141868)
The Rowans Hospice (Reg No 299731)
The Sick Childrens Trust (Reg No 284416)
The SMA Trust (Reg No 1097765)
The Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Trust (Reg No 1097765)
The Team Ollie Trust (Reg No 1161191)
The Vine Centre (Reg No 1095915)
The Wessex MS Therapy Centre (Reg No 800851)
The Yard (Reg No SCO 02538)
The Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir (Reg No 1123716)
Thinking of Oscar (Reg No 1160405)
Thomas’s Fund (Reg No 1123075)
Time 4 Children (Reg No 1111837)
TRC (Reg No 1141659)
Trinity Preschool (Reg No 1142770)
Tynedale Hospice at Home (Reg No 1034170)
Warton Village Hall (Reg No 504993)
West Norfolk National Autistic Society (Reg No 269425)
Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust (Reg No 1144097)