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Charity Christmas Cards 2011 UK

Each year, Phoenix Trading raises money for its nominated charities through the sale of its exclusive charity Christmas cards. Each Christmas card attracts a donation of 1p per card.

In 2010, Phoenix Trading raised over £74,000 through the sale of its Christmas cards. 80% of this was split equally between children’s hospices UK and Cancer Research UK. The remaining 20% (a total of £16,250) was used to support 115 charities as follows: four received £750, another four received £500, eight received £250 and 100 charities received £100 each. The full details are available here.

Funds raised from the sale of our 2011 range of Christmas cards will be distributed by The Phoenix International Charity in the following way: 10% to Cancer Research, 10% to Children’s Hospices UK, 10% to Macmillan Cancer Support and the remaining 70% to charities recommended by our Independent Phoenix Traders.


An estimated £50 million is generated for hundreds of good causes every year

A dramatic appeal has been made by charities for the public to keep up the great British tradition of buying charity Christmas cards.

In the UK, the sale of greeting cards is the number one charity fundraiser at Christmas.  More funds are raised from the sale of charity cards than from any other individual product. However, in the run up to Christmas, confusing and often misleading information appears in the media about the varying amounts of money charities receive from the sale of charity Christmas cards, and charities fear that this may discourage the public from continuing to buy them.

Sheila Morgan, Trading Manager at the British Heart Foundation explains why the British Heart Foundation has united with the Greeting Card Association and charities, including Save The Children, WaterAid, Breast Cancer Campaign and the Blue Cross animal charity, to safeguard one of the most important forms of fundraising.

“It’s vital that the public understands how important charity cards are to charities at Christmas. They are a major source of revenue for charities and a great way for us to raise our profile in shops across the country. Cumulatively the amounts and the benefits are enormous; we estimate Christmas cards are worth £50m for charities each year in the UK. We want to reassure the public that however they choose to buy a charity card; whether it’s from a charity catalogue or shop, from a high street retailer or from a temporary card shop such as Cards for Good Causes, it’s still the best way to send Christmas greetings, keep in touch with family and friends and a great way to raise money for all of the charities involved. So please continue to support us in this way!”

Source: Greeting Card Association