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Butterfly Tea Party Total £135,865.53

During the month of September 2009, Phoenix Trading’s charitable foundation, The Phoenix International Charity, linked up with Children’s Hospices UK to organise a range of fundraising initiatives to raise at least £25,000 for this worthy cause – in just a month!

As part of this ambitious goal, our team of enthusiastic Traders organised Butterfly Tea Parties and other fun events all over the UK. By the end of the first week we were pretty confident that we were going to smash our £25,000 target by a long, long way! Here’s where we are to date (31st Dec 2009)

£21,466 - Raised in just 9 days from the sale of 42,932 limited edition Butterfly (Pop Up) Cards! The Phoenix International Charity pledged to give a 50p donation per card to Children’s Hospices UK.

£2,369 – From a company donation of £1 for every Trader order made between 1st and 7th September.

£620 – Raised by Phoenix Trading staff organising their own Butterfly Tea Party. They baked, ate, sang, designed, ran, made mystical predictions – all in a good cause.

£2,907.34 - From a company donation of 2p per card for every one of our 25 bestselling cards which featured a butterfly, cupcake or tea party theme, sold throughout the month of September.

£15,536.37 – Donated through to The Phoenix International Charity for Children’s Hospices UK via the company website (Figure includes Gift Aid).

£27,465.84- Raised for Children’s Hospices UK by Traders’ individual Justgiving sites under the Phoenix Banner (Figure includes Gift Aid).

£15,212.30 – Raised for specific local hospices by Traders’ individual Justgiving sites under the Phoenix Banner (Figure includes Gift Aid).

£13,234.86 – Raised from the sale of Children’s Hospices UK raffle tickets.

£37,053.82 – Donated by Traders directly to Childrens Hospices UK by cash or cheque.

The total as of 31st of December 2009 is a staggering £135,865.53, with more money arriving hourly.

A resounding triumph and a big thank you to everyone who has made a contribution however big or small, giving money, time, encouragement and support. What a result!

Fantastic news about the money raised for children’s hospices so far – it is brilliant! Many on my team are having smallish ‘dos’ at home, but a few are going the whole way and hiring out village halls and joining forces with locals to bake hundreds of buns!

- Katherine

Hello! Just to let you know that I had a Butterfly Tea Party yesterday at my daughter-in-law’s in East Molesey & everyone of her friends ( ALL new to Phoenix! ) were thrilled with the products & I am sending a cheque directly to Children’s Hospices UK for the sum of £30 ! ————-so I was thrilled !

- Liz

Wow… this is really amazing…..if every company worked so compassionately and generously imagine how much better the world we live in could be!
I hope phoenix and all its traders are really proud of this….I am.

- Alice

I had my Butterfly Tea Party on Friday. It was pouring down but lots of people came, we ate the 24 cupcakes I had made and had a lovely time. I sold £140 stock, collected £150 in orders and raised £103 for Children’s Hospices UK.

- Rachel

I just wanted to write and thank you for inspiring me to host my own tea party this September. When I got my leaflet through from you with all the ideas I immediately knew I wanted to hold one and what set out to be an opportunity to sell some Phoenix cards whilst raising money for a very good cause, evolved into a mini “school fete” in my back garden!

It was this Saturday 12th September and was a huge success – we raised £577 for Children’s Hospices, which was way beyond my target of £200.

I wanted to get my friends involved and so we had several stalls, my friend Sara Foulsham sells Usbourne Books, Lizzie Gaul works at a nursery, Evergreen Exterior Services, and they kindly donated some beautiful plants to sell, then of course I had my Phoenix products including a Christmas stall (of which I donated 10% of my takings).

In a bid to raise as much as possible for the charity I got my local high street involved too by arranging a Tombola and asking local shops to donate a prize – I was staggered by the response, the prizes ranged from a make up party for 6 people from Benefit, to lunch for two at The Vintage Tea House, to jewellery from women’s boutiques, Gedo and Gerrards, to a personal training voucher, a back massage, orchids and gift vouchers from many other shops. Friends and family also donated some lovely things and I added a few Phoenix treats like packs of Christmas Cards, postcards and stationery – the Tombola alone raised £183! as people kept on buying tickets to win the beautiful prizes.

Marks and Spencers and Starbucks provided all the tea and coffee and a local lady Lucy Parker at mycupcakekitchen.com very kindly donated her beautiful cupcakes for us to sell.

The local toy shop donated lots of toys for a lucky dip which my 4 year old son Harvey ran and my other son Jack aged 2 also tried to help! (they raised £15 – not bad at 20p a go!)

We also had a guess the jelly beans in the jar, name the teddy bear and the Children’s Hospices UK raffle too.

There was an area at the back of the garden where my friend Carol Scopes offered 15 minute taster sessions of reflexology in return for a donation to the charity which people were queuing up for!

The Vintage Tea House in Reigate kindly lent me lots of vintage crockery which set things off beautifully…amongst all the bunting that I had purchased (I have always wanted an excuse to buy some!)

As well as the generosity of everyone who donated things, it was the sense of community which bowled me over. I had put the lovely posters available on the phoenix website up around my road and in the high street and posted invites through neighbours’ doors, but had not expected the response that came of elderly neighbours that I had not even spoken to before phoning me up wanting to donate cakes, as well as busy mums from my road who again I had not previously spoken to turning up on the day with tins full of cakesand cookies. We had over 100 people come (we only have a 2 bedroom house so thank goodness it was a lovely day!) between 12 – 5pm and I think everyone had a lovely time!

It was a real team effort as I had my Phoenix sponsor Sam Burnett there all day helping me with the sale of my Phoenix cards and my other best friends Zoe and Tina as well as my mum running the Tombola and making the tea, my mother in law ran the raffle and jelly bean and teddy stands and “Grandad Golf” washed up!….in fact I’m not really sure what I did on the day! My husband was on “children duty” and took the boys out for the morning whilst we all ran around making the place look pretty and then when he came back with them in the afternoon he was supposed to try and keep them occupied and take photos! Unfortunately, I don’t think I saw him without a cup of coffee and a slice of lemon drizzle cake in his hands and so the photos didn’t really happen!

From a Phoenix point of view I took £380 (with more orders pending) and it has helped me reach many new customers too including the shop owners that donated to the Tombola and I have been invited to host 2 other events and one of my friends is interested in becoming a trader.

So thank you Phoenix for inspiring me to organise what turned out to be a really lovely day and raised £577 for a very worthy cause. I’m looking forward to next year!

- Sarah Merry

And there’s more…

£28,206.56 Total raised in 2009 from the sales of the exclusive range of Phoenix Trading Christmas cards for Children’s Hospices UK.