Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. It is really a hard and arduous work to deal with. There are many difficulties which translators come face to face during translation process.

Even some expert and adept translators may experience difficulties while translating some products or items. There are certainly some reasons why translation is a demanding and challenging activity. In this essay, I am going to write about why translation is hard work to do and why translators encounter some problems.

Every language around the world has its own grammar rules and grammar structure. It can easily be seen that languages differ from one another in terms of many ways such as morphemes, syntax. For example: there are a lot of differences between Turkish language and English language. In English, simple sentence structure is conducted in the way that subjects come before verbs and verbs come before objects. However, in Turkish language, verbs are generally placed at the end of the sentences.

This is just only one difference between English and Turkish language. If we look closer to grammar rules of these two languages, it is certain that much more differences can be found. Of course, differences are not just in grammar subjects. There can be many dissimilarities in every field of languages. Because of these grammar and syntax variance, translators face up with many problems.

Another common problem which comes into picture during translation procedure is that translators may have a hard time in conveying the same meaning to the other languages. Particularly translating poems, it is nearly impossible for translators to express the same meanings and feelings in another language.

Lack of enough vocabulary knowledge also causes some certain problems. While translating an advanced level academic text, translators may not have enough vocabulary to understand the writing. Translators may be obliged to use dictionary many times and this process may be very boring. An expert translator should have sophisticated vocabulary knowledge

The last but not least difficulty is that during translation tasks, it is likely that translators will encounter complex grammar structures. To be able to interpret them correctly, translators need to have deep and extensive grammar knowledge.

In conclusion, translation is not an easy process and requires endurance. There are many difficulties which arise during translation activity. In my opinion, translation is not such a job that everybody can manage to do it.